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The Antimicrobial Properties of Copper Mugs and Why That's Important

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,28th Dec 2016
The Antimicrobial Properties of Copper Mugs and Why That's Important

By now anyone familiar with those of us at Paykoc knows about our affinity for the Moscow Mule and the beautiful copper mugs these classic cocktails are served in. Still, there are those who remain concerned about drinking out of copper cups for a variety of reasons. One of those concerns is that the copper will play host to bacteria that the user will then ingest along with their vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. But those fears of bacterial contamination are totally unfounded because, not only will the copper mug keep your Mule delightfully cool, it will also actively pursue and eliminate any bacteria it might come in contact with.

Your Mule Belongs in a Copper Mug

There are plenty of cocktails that demand the use of a particular vessel. The martini for instance would seem pretty strange if served in a coffee cup and a highball just wouldn’t seem right if served in a wine glass. For that matter serving wine in a martini glass would also disrupt the order of the universe in some small way. And so it is with the Moscow Mule. Serving it in anything other than a dazzling copper mug from Paykoc would seem like treason or blasphemy or just plain wrong.

Still, as mentioned, there are some who are uneasy with the notion of drinking out of a copper mug. And while we understand and appreciate that folks have a vested interest in watching what they put into their systems the fear that bacteria could somehow find a foothold on a copper mug and cause health problems is completely without merit.

Anti-Bacterial Properties of Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Glass and porcelain regularly lay out the welcome mat to bacteria while copper actively pursues and destroys it. So not only are copper Moscow Mule mugs safe to drink out of, they’re actually safer than the ceramic coffee cup you’re drinking out of while you read this blog post.

Here’s a list of several ways copper works to undermine and destroy bacteria:

  • Radicals are formed by copper complexes that deactivate viruses.
  • It is believed copper disrupts various enzyme structures.
  • Copper opens holes in the cell membranes of lipids compromising their integrity.
  • Copper alters the 3-dimensional structure of bacteria thereby inactivating them.
  • Copper targets and disrupt the bacteria’s ability to breath.
  • Copper has a negative effect on bacterial proteins and enzymes.
  • Copper is believed to interfere with essential bacterial elements like iron and zinc.

While it can be nearly impossible to tell exactly which of these mechanisms is at work at any particular time the fact is that all of them are potentially in play and copper’s ability to disrupt and negate bacteria is well known and well documented by scientific research.

Myths and Legends

Although there is copious evidence to support the antimicrobial properties of copper there is also little doubt that many of the other myths and legends that have sprouted up around this venerable metal are questionable in nature, and that’s being charitable. These alleged benefits include:

  • That drinking out of a copper mug can slow down the aging process.
  • That drinking from a copper cup will make the skin glow like the Milky Way.
  • That it will stimulate the brain to greater heights.
  • That it will prevent all manner of thyroid problems.
  • That drinking from a copper mug can reduce your risk of a heart attack.
  • That drinking from a copper vessel will reduce your risk of hypertension.
  • That copper can help you stave off developing anemia.

While it would no doubt be wonderful if copper were able to help people realize these various benefits the fact is that there is virtually no proof it will. At the same time though the evidence of copper’s antimicrobial abilities is abundant.


If you’ve been concerned that you might acquire some kind of bacterial infection from drinking Moscow Mules out of copper mugs it’s time to put your concerns to rest. Copper cups are in fact some of the safest types of drinking vessels you can own and use. So next time you’re searching for a new drink to liven up your holiday celebrations remember the Mule and drink to your health.