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Try These Seven Bar Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,6th Jul 2022
Try These Seven Bar Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Everyone wants to be the cool one at the bar. When you’re alone, it’s a good place to be a wallflower. But with your friends- time to step up your game.

One great way to impress people is with bar tricks. And who knew that you could use engraved copper mugs for magic tricks?

You’ll have to really boost your personality if you want to pull these off. There’s nothing worse than a timid magician.

So gather your friends, make some bold claims, and follow through! Practice these at home first until they’re perfected. You’ll blow everyone’s mind!

Dropping a dime in a bottle

This one is super impressive. Use a business card or playing card for this trick. Put the card on a bottle that you’ve emptied out, and then put a dime in the middle of the card. Make sure the bottle’s opening is right beneath the coin.

Now flick over the card and the coin should fall right into the bottle. Most people would think that the coin would get tossed with the card, but it doesn’t!

Teleporting an olive

Put an olive on top of a napkin and put an empty napkin pretty far away. Let everyone know that you’re going to teleport the olive only using a custom copper mug.

First, have your friend give it a shot. They’ll probably try to scoop the olive up with the mug, but that won’t work.

Now it’s up to you. Put the mug upside down on the olive, quickly moving it in a circular motion. The olive will get sucked up because of centrifugal force.

You have two options. You can either turn the wholesale copper mug back upright when the olive is at the top of the mug and then move it to the other napkin. Your other option is to keep spinning the mug as you move slowly across the table onto the empty napkin, dropping the olive off on top of it.

Spinning a straw

Take a plastic straw and solid copper mug. Rub the straw against your clothing to make static friction, put it on top of the mug, and rotate your finger around the straw, making a circle. Don’t touch the straw!

The static energy that the straw picked up from your clothes will gravitate towards your finger and the straw will follow your finger in a circle. Cool, right?

Bending a cigarette without breaking it

Smoking cigarettes is never a good idea, but that doesn't mean they're not good for magic! First, acquire a cigarette and tell the person that you can bend it from tip to tip without it breaking.

Next, roll it up tightly inside a dollar bill. Bend the dollar bill in half and touch the two ends together. When you unroll the dollar bill, the cigarette will still be completely intact!

Turning water into whiskey

Fill two shot glasses completely full, one filled with whiskey and the other filled with water. Put a playing card on top of the shot glass that’s filled with water. Grab the glass and use your finger to press firmly on the card to create a seal.

Use two hands to be sure that the water is completely sealed by the card, and then flip the glass of water onto the whiskey glass upside down. Don’t worry if some water spills.

Now that the glasses are stacked, pull the card back a tiny bit to form a crevice of space. The whiskey will move to the top into the water glass, and the water will sink to the bottom where the whiskey was.

Finally, fill the crevice back up and remove the now-whiskey shot glass from the top. Voila!

Removing a dollar from beneath an overturned copper mug

This trick may fall flat on some people, but others will love it. It depends on how much you practice it! The more you practice, the more impressive it will be.

Put a dollar beneath an empty and upside-down Moscow Mule mug. Now slowly and carefully roll the bill towards the copper mug. This will move the mug away and bring the dollar bill to you, without knocking the mug over!

Toothpick magic

Put 10 toothpicks into a circle so they create a star with 10 points, otherwise known as a sunburst. Now trap water into a straw- use your finger to make a seal.

Drop a single drop of water in the middle of the star. The water magically brings the toothpicks into pairs and spreads them out to make an epic five-pointed star.

Final thoughts

If you want to be the life of the party, you have to act like one. Bar tricks are one of the best ways to do that.

These unique bar tricks aren’t all that popular, so it’s likely that your friends have never seen them before. All the better for you! That will only make them more impressive.

Practice is the name of the game. If you don’t have these babies down to a science, you can embarrass yourself to no end. But if your magic is smooth and bold, it’s sure to draw attention.

And your friends aren’t the only ones who will be impressed. The people around you at the bar will probably have their eyes on you too!

So bring your copper mug to the bar and relish in the reactions these tricks will bring