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Wholesale Copper Mugs for Every Occasion

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,6th Feb 2023
Wholesale Copper Mugs for Every Occasion

Solid copper mugs make a great addition to any home bar because you can never tell when one of your guests might ask for a Moscow Mule. Personalized mugs also make great gifts to celebrate graduations, promotions, birthdays and other important events in a person’s life. But what about wholesale mugs? Why would anyone bother to pick up several dozen of these beautifully crafted copper drinking vessels? Below, we’ll tell you why.

Five Instances When Wholesale Copper Mugs Are the Right Choice

If you’re not a social lion or you live alone, or you are giving a custom copper mug to a friend or loved one to mark an important occasion then it makes sense to buy 1 or maybe 3 or 4 mugs. However, there are plenty of occasions when a person or business owner would want to put in a large order for wholesale copper mugs. Here are 5 such instances:


People who’ve been to lots of weddings have lots of scented candles and other assorted knick-knacks that were given away as favors by various couples. While such gifts are all very well and good, why not do something special for your wedding. Instead of handing out more potpourri or mints, purchase some wholesale mugs and hand them out. If your budget will allow you can also personalize your mugs with the date of the nuptials and the couple’s names.


Restaurant owners are like any other business people in that they are always looking for a way to make their business stand out from the pack. A great way to enhance the branding of your restaurant is to buy copper mugs wholesale from Paykoc, have them engraved with your restaurant’s name and logo and use them to serve everything from Moscow Mules to lemonade, tea and coffee. Will a few sprout legs and walk out? Probably. But the overall branding benefit will far outweigh the cost of losing a couple of mugs.


If it’s time to launch a new product or service, or you are looking for a great way to make a good impression at an industry convention, consider wholesale mugs from Paykoc. These copper beauties can be laser engraved with any type of imagery or text you need to best represent your business interests. Give them away during a raffle to create some buzz and get people coming to your booth.


If you are looking for a product that will fly off the shelves of your souvenir shop consider copper drinking mugs from Paykoc. This type of mug fits in perfectly with the historical frontier image of Colorado and can be customized to reflect any and all of the local attractions and lore including Pike’s Peak, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Colorado Gold Rush and anything else you think will be of interest to tourists.

Holiday parties

Next time you’re having people over for Thanksgiving or Christmas pick up some wholesale mugs. Contrary to popular belief copper cups are not only for serving cold drinks. They are just as useful for serving hot drinks like cocoa and coffee and their compelling look and traditional aura make them the perfect holiday accompaniment and party favor.

What Sets Our Solid Copper Mugs Apart

There are a lot of companies selling copper drinking mugs these days but as is the case with just about any other product, some of those mugs are worth the money and some aren’t. The mugs we sell at Paykoc are head and shoulders above most of the competition because:

  • They’re fashioned from 100% pure copper: People are often surprised to order mugs from this company or that only to find that the mugs they bought are actually made of copper alloy. That won’t happen when you buy your mugs from Paykoc. All our wholesale copper mugs are fashioned from pure copper.
  • They are competitively priced: We work hard to keep our costs in check so that we can offer our mugs at highly competitive prices. Considering the quality of the mugs we offer it’s fair to say that they represent one of the best values you will find when it comes to buying this type of mug wholesale.
  • Our QC is second to none: When it comes to ensuring the quality of the solid copper mugs we offer to our wholesale customers we spare no effort. Whereas some companies stamp out their mugs in the cheapest way possible we employ an 18-step process that must adhere to the highest standards at every step.
  • We offer several different styles: We offer kettle-style mugs, barrel-style mugs, plain mugs, tankard-style mugs and more. And every type of copper mug we sell can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Trust Paykoc for Custom Copper Mugs You'll Love

Customized wholesale copper mugs are a great way to enhance your wedding or holiday party, a great idea for souvenir shops wanting a product that will fly off their shelves and a great way to draw attention to your product or service at trade conventions.

If you are in search of a single mug to use as a gift to mark a special occasion we have a wide variety in our online shop that will fit the bill. But if you’re looking to buy copper mugs in quantity just fill out the contact form on our wholesale page with a few details and we will get back to you in short order to finalize the details.