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Wholesale Copper Mugs from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,10th Dec 2018

Copper was the first metal besides gold to be put to use by man and was the first used to fabricate tools, cookware, cups and the like. The “Ice man” that emerged from an Alpine glacier in 1991 where he had been lying for more than 5,000 years was found to be carrying a perfectly preserved copper axe at his side. So humans and copper go way back. The fascination with copper and its many uses continues apace with copper cookware as popular as ever and copper mugs seeing an enormous surge of interest in the past decade. If you own a restaurant, tavern or gift shop wholesale copper mugs from Paykoc can provide an economic shot in the arm that few other accessories or collectables can equal.

wholesale copper mugs

About Wholesale Copper Mugs from Paykoc

Paykoc Imports was one of the first online companies to offer copper Moscow Mule mugs to the American public and were key in raising the visibility of this once obscure cocktail and its gleaming copper vessel to its current lofty heights. But we recognized early on that there is more to copper mugs than simply playing host to Moscow Mules. Copper has played integral role in the American cultural landscape since the days when Paul Revere cast the first copper bells in America toward the end of the 18th century. Revere was also the first American to successfully roll copper into sheets that could be used for everything from the sheathing of warships to the creation of copper mugs.

Today, copper mugs can be found in restaurants of distinction from Boston to Los Angeles and in bars and taverns nationwide. Customized copper mugs also make outstanding gifts and mementos and wholesale copper mugs are an important inventory item in gift shops from sea to shining sea. Whether stunning kettle mugs, robust barrel mugs or shimmering hammered tankards copper mugs from Paykoc are far more than just a niche product. They’re American as apple pie.

Their Widespread Appeal

The demand for copper cookware and copper mugs in particular has reached levels in recent years not seen since Colonial times. Copper utensils, whether they be frying pans or in this case copper mugs, speak to an aspect of human experience anchored in the intrinsic value of real, durable materials. This has become especially important in an age when so much of our experience has become virtual and exists only as an interaction between electronic impulses on a remote server and a PC or mobile phone screen. Copper by contrast is tangible. It’s beautiful. It’s timeless and timely.

People want to experience the tactile qualities of copper to remind themselves of their roots and to reconnect with the real world. Using copper mugs in your tavern or restaurant to serve Moscow Mules, ice tea, milk shakes or any of a dozen different beverages is likely to put your establishment on the map for all the right reasons. Likewise, offering beautiful copper mugs from Paykoc in your gift shop will help boost sales and interest.

Why Wholesale Copper Mugs Are a Great Idea for Your Gift Shop

When people enter your gift shop, whether it’s in Faneuil Hall in Boston, on South Beach in Miami or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco they’re looking for something to take home with them that’s different than the average souvenir fare. Engraved mugs from Paykoc with the city, marketplace and a graphic representation of an historic locale provide just that. They’ll always remember their visit to your city or town and have a keepsake they can hand down to their kids decades from now. Stocking plenty of custom engraved mugs in your gift shop will bring in the customers and send them home happy.

What Makes A Great Copper Mug?

When you buy copper mugs wholesale from Paykoc you’re not just getting an attractive vessel to serve to your dinner guests or bar patrons. You’re investing in the future of your business by obtaining some of the highest quality copper mugs on the market. The copper mugs we offer are naturally antimicrobial, 100% copper, individually hand crafted and available either unlined or tin lined depending on your particular preference. The handles on our premium copper mugs are riveted in place and will be there helping your customers enjoy their beverage of choice for years to come.

Why Paykoc?

There are a number of companies offering to sell you copper mugs in bulk these days but only one that has more than 30 years of experience providing the highest quality copper mugs, porcelain, glassware, meerschaum pipes, handmade jewelry, Turkish mosaic lamps and more. That company is Paykoc Imports. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of the products we offer, on the reliability of our delivery network and on the unparalleled level of service we offer to each and every customer, whether they are buying a single engraved copper mug for a loved one or 200 wholesale copper mugs for their chain of restaurants.


If you are looking for a way to add a unique touch to your restaurant or tavern atmosphere or to offer clients of your gift shop a momento of their visit to your city or town (don’t forget when you buy copper mugs in volume from Paykoc they can be engraved with whatever words or iconography you choose) we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Wholesale copper mugs from Paykoc.