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Wholesale Embossed Copper Mugs from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,30th Jul 2019
Wholesale Embossed Copper Mugs from Paykoc

At Paykoc beautiful copper mugs are one of our foundational products. Before most of America had heard of the Moscow Mule we were promoting the timeless beauty of the Moscow Mule mug along with many other styles of copper drinking vessels. While there are a number of online outlets these days that have jumped on the bandwagon Paykoc continues to offer the widest variety of wholesale copper mugs you’ll find anywhere at the most competitive prices. Not only that, but we also offer peerless custom embossed wholesale copper mugs which will enable you to stock your gift shop or restaurant with drinking vessels that will reinforce your branding efforts and enhance your bottom line.

The Industry Leader in Embossed Copper Mugs Wholesale

Paykoc Imports is the industry leader in the sale of embossed copper mugs for wholesale purposes. No one in the online domain has more experience with this product, offers a wider variety of embossed wholesale copper mug styles to choose from or is easier to work with when placing your order. You enjoy incredible leeway when it comes to determining what form your customized wholesale copper mugs will take. And since we do the work ourselves you cut out the middleman and enjoy direct access to the craftsmen handling the work.

Why Wholesale Embossed Copper Mugs?

Embossed copper items were some of the earliest pieces of art created by man. The ancient Persians and the Egyptians before them produced embossed copper plates, jewelry and other items that are still with us to this day. Some of the most compelling pieces discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb were embossed gold plates. While the Roman embossed everything from their metal shields to their planters to their jewelry.

By the middle ages artisans were using embossed copper, tin and bronze plates as the covers for their illuminated manuscripts. And once the printing press came on line demand for embossed metal book covers grew exponentially. Embossed copper mugs then fit neatly into the tradition of high quality embossed metalwork that stretches back 4,000+ years and has played such an integral part in the expressive life of the human race.

Versatility, Practicality, Affordability

We can emboss any type of copper mug for your business including copper steins, copper barrel mugs, copper tankards and standard 13.5 ounce copper Moscow Mule mugs. During the process you’ll work closely with our staff to ensure the wholesale embossed copper mugs you receive are precisely the ones you wanted. Our craftsmen are the best in the business and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

The Safety of Copper Mugs

Not so long ago stories began to surface that called into question the safety of copper drinking vessels. Due to the nature of today’s media, (which requires the most sensational headline possible), an insignificant story about how one state had resurrected a decades-old ordinance related to copper drinking vessels suddenly became a viral panic about copper mugs being killers. The reality was that the statute in question had been passed long before scientific data had conclusively shown copper cups were and are absolutely safe.

Let’s state that again to be perfectly clear: copper mugs represent no threat to human health. In order for a copper mug to become even remotely problematic a person would need to consume several dozen drinks out of a copper cup every single day for many years on end. Things that represent a statistically more significant threat to human health include driving, flying and fast food. So let’s put the “copper mugs are unsafe” myth to rest once and for all.

Wholesale Embossed Copper Mugs: The Process

Choosing to have your wholesale copper mugs from Paykoc embossed with a particular text or graphic is an ideal way to move more product from your souvenir shop or to buttress the branding efforts related to your bar or restaurant. You can be certain that our artisans will produce high quality results that will add value for years to come and produce a handsome ROI. The process of having your wholesale copper mugs embossed before shipping is straightforward and follows these simple steps:

  • Choose the style of your mugs and the quantity (125 pieces minimum)
  • Choose direct embossing or embossed plate (our staff will help you determine which is right for you).
  • Submit your artwork in jpg format. Keep in mind that embossing will not produce the type of minute detail engraving will. Aspects of an image smaller than 1/8 inch may be lost.
  • Provide a deposit, after which work will commence.

Please allow 90 days for shipping of the first run of your wholesale embossed copper mugs.

Quality You Can Rely on From Paykoc

Your purchase of wholesale copper mugs from Paykoc will be elevated to an entirely new level when you choose to have them embossed by our master artisans. The finished pieces will enhance the bottom line of your souvenir shop or add the finishing touches to the atmosphere of your tavern or chain of restaurants.

Paykoc Imports were among the first to bring the beauty of this ancient drinking vessel to the attention of the general public. And we remain the leaders in quality and value when it comes to wholesale embossed copper mugs of all sizes and styles. If you intend to place an order for wholesale copper mugs consider having them embossed as well. It’s a smart decision that’s easier and more affordable than you think.