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Warm up to This Cool Variation on the Moscow Mule: Frozen Mule Recipe

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When it comes to the Moscow Mule you might think that by now we’ve just about run out of things to say or variations to write about. After all we’ve covered the Mumbai Mule the Shanghai Mule the Kentucky Mule the Yule Mule and many others. Plus we’ve dissected and inspected (but never neglected) the copper mugs that provide the Mule with its distinctive look. So if you were talking about anyone else you might be right. We might have reached the end of the Frozen Mule line. But in our case, well, we have quite a thing for the Mule and so digging up variations and interesting tidbits of related information isn’t really work for us, it’s more like a passion. Like bird watching. And just like bird watching you never know what you’re going to come across with a little patience.

Frozen Mule Recipe

The Envelope Please

In the spirit of great bird watchers everywhere we have continued to peer into the distance waiting and hoping to uncover yet another aspect of our favorite cocktail that had been previously hidden from us. And what do you know? We hit pay dirt once again. Can you guess which Mule variation our quest has uncovered this time? Well, we gave it away in the above paragraph but if you didn’t catch it we won’t keep you waiting any longer: it’s the Frozen Mule.

One Step Beyond

The Moscow Mule and the many variants it has spawned are renowned for being deliciously frosty and refreshing. Nothing, after all, is a better accompaniment to those steamy hot 4th of July barbecues. The Frozen variant of the Mule however takes frosty to a whole ‘nother level and in the process provides what may be the most compelling warm weather cocktail since the Margarita. Let’s take a closer look at how it came about.

Enter the Blender

The blender is crucial to the creation of Frozen Mules. In that sense they’re similar to the Daiquiri. But how did the blender ever get involved with cocktails in the first place? Well it all goes back to the turn of the 20th century in Cuba and the invention of the Daiquiri. The Daiquiri is named after a Cuban beach (really) that was near to where the drink’s inventor - one Jennings Cox - came up with the recipe. It wasn’t until 1938 though that the invention of the blender turned the Daiquiri into the drink Hemingway would go on to make famous.

Of course other cocktails were soon invented that took advantage of the blender as well and today there are more than we can talk about here including the Margarita, the Mangorita the Chi Chi and now the Frozen variation of the Moscow Mule. So if you don’t have a blender buy one or borrow one from your friend or neighbor and get ready to go frozen.

Ingredients for the Frozen Mule

The ingredient list for this particular Mule is going to look familiar to anyone who’s made a Moscow Mule. That’s because it’s basically the same except you’ll be using about 25% more ginger beer. So, whereas the standard Moscow Mule would typically call for this...

  • 2 ounces of your favorite vodka
  • 6 ounces of ginger beer (that’s ginger beer not ginger ale)
  • 2 wedges of fresh lime
  • Copper Moscow Mule mug

The ingredient list for the frozen variation looks like this…

  • 2 ounces of your favorite vodka
  • 8 ounces of ginger beer (again, that’s ginger beer not ginger ale)
  • 2 wedges of fresh lime
  • Copper Moscow Mule mug

The additional ginger beer simply allows the flavor to hold up under the assault of all that blending and provides the ice a little something extra to bond with. Now that we have everything assembled and the blender is ready to go here is the long awaited Frozen Mule recipe:

Break out the blender and plug it in (making sure it’s clean of course). Pour in the 8 ounces of ginger beer then add the 2 ounces of vodka. Take the lime wedges and squeeze them thoroughly into the mix (but don’t put the spent wedges themselves in). Measure out enough ice to fill the copper mug and then pour that into the blender. Blend until thick. Pour the blended ingredients into your copper mug, add mint garnish (if available) and voila! You are now the king or queen of the summer barbecue scene and every one of your guests is clamoring to discover the recipe for your frosty surprise.

The Importance of the Copper Mug

While researching the Frozen Mule recipe we came across a site or two that suggested using a mason jar or standard cocktail glass to hold the this icy Mule variant. Don’t buy it. That would be like serving a hot dog on a croissant or serving a martini in a coffee cup. The copper mug is one of the traditional, check that, essential components of the Mule and to exclude it from its role as designated delivery vessel for any Moscow Mule variant is to strip the “Mule” association from the cocktail completely.

Don’t let this happen to your Frozen Mule. Always make sure to use a proper copper Moscow Mule mug instead. If you don’t have any you can pick some up from our online store for less than you might imagine. We have a complete line of beautifully crafted copper mugs that will not only serve as the finishing touch on your Mule drinks but also add a vibrant touch to the kitchen, pantry or bar area of your home.

The Final Word

The Frozen variant of the Moscow Mule is a cocktail after the heart of frozen drink lovers everywhere. More than that it’s an important addition to the ever expanding list of variations on what is becoming one of the world’s most beloved cocktails. Next time you’re hosting a barbecue surprise your guests with Frozen Mules served in beautiful copper mugs from Paykoc Imports and watch the faces light up and the conversations get going.

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