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The 7 Year Mug

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In the pantheon of anniversaries there is everything from the Paper (1 year) to the Crystal (15 years) to the Pearl (30 years) and the Diamond Anniversary (60 years). Nestled in between 1 and 15 is the 7 year anniversary, which in some places is known as the Wool Anniversary. Now we have nothing against sheep and in the winter time we certainly have nothing against a nice wool sweater but the Wool Anniversary? Really? Fortunately the 7 year anniversary is alternately known as the Copper Anniversary in which case beautifully crafted, custom engraved copper mugs from Paykoc make for the perfect anniversary keepsake.

Copper - The 7 Year Anniversary

Opt for Commemorative Copper Mugs

On the occasion of your 7th anniversary you can bequeath your beloved with a gift of processed sheep fuzz or you can be a bit more imaginative and present them with commemorative solid copper Moscow Mule mugs from Paykoc. These timeless items can be custom engraved with relevant information and personal messages and will become a priceless heirloom you’ll treasure for years to come. But just how did the different anniversaries come to have copper and other materials attached to them?

The Origins of the Copper Anniversary

The earliest examples of certain materials being associated with wedding anniversaries occurs in Medieval times when - for reasons not entirely understood - it became the practice of aristocratic husbands to present their wives with silver or gold garlands on their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries respectively. Certainly no peasants at this time could afford silver or gold so the tradition remained within the upper economic crust for centuries.

Gradually over time the notion of associating various metals and the like with different anniversaries spread and expanded. But obviously not every anniversary could be a silver or gold one. Hence less fashionable, (but nonetheless durable), metals came to be associated with different milestones such as iron for the 6th and steel for the 11th anniversaries. The 7th anniversary became one of only a few to have more than one material associated with it. And that’s good because we can just imagine the look on our sweetheart’s face if we had to say “Happy Anniversary” with a pair of wool socks.

Make a Lasting Statement

Half the fun of commemorating your 7th anniversary with copper Mule mugs is the different ways they can be used to mark the big occasion. You can keep things intimate by fixing a romantic anniversary dinner and serving after-dinner cocktails in our custom engraved mugs. Or, you can invite family and friends over to celebrate the big day and serve everyone Moscow Mules (or your favorite variation) in matching, custom engraved commemorative mugs. Or, you can present anniversary dinner guests with commemorative mugs as a party favor to take home. However you use them though they’re sure to generate smiles and get people talking.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Cooper Mugs 7th Anniversary

Solid copper mugs from Paykoc are the anniversary gift that keeps on giving. After the big day has passed you’ll find yourself using them during summer barbeques and Christmas parties to hold the Mule cocktails you hand out to your guests. They add a distinctive, down home touch to the proceedings that’s hard to match and they’ll be a constant reminder to friends and family of the unbreakable bond that holds you together.

So pass on the wool and make your 7th anniversary something both of you will always remember with timeless commemorative solid copper Moscow Mule mugs from Paykoc Imports. Your sweetheart will appreciate the thought and care that went into such an unexpected but timeless gift and your anniversary party guests will be looking at each other wondering how their honey is going to top such a clever and lasting keepsake for their 7th anniversary.

Paykoc: Variety and Quality

At Paykoc we have a full line of beautifully crafted copper Moscow Mule mugs. There are myriad designs to choose from including kettle style, classic steins, hammered tankards, barrel mugs, solid copper shot glasses and much, much more. If you like, choose our tin lined copper Mule mugs or, if Moscow Mules aren’t your particular cup of tea, take home a half dozen solid copper Mint Julep mugs. Their clean, satisfying lines make a perfect complement to any kitchen or bar area.

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