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Cast off Those Winter Blues with the Springtime Mule

Many countries have festivals celebrating the demise of Old Man Winter and many of these festivals date back centuries. In Poland for instance, the first day of spring is celebrated by tossing straw dolls representing winter into the local body of water, sending him off downstream until next year. In India there’s a spring festival [...]

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For the Love of a Good Cocktail - The Valentine’s Day Mule

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us with people all over the globe using the 14th of February to state or restate their feelings of affection for their special someone. It’s a holiday that transcends political and geographic boundaries and yet it’s not an official, legal holiday in any country anywhere. Where’s the love man? [...]

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7 Awesome Bar Tricks Every Man Should Know

So you’re in your favorite watering hole on Thursday night and, while there’s a decent mix of regulars and fresh faces, the overall energy level is about what you’d expect during morning bingo at the retirement home. What to do? Well, you could go up to the most beautiful woman in the place and declare [...]

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6 Ways in Which Your Lighting is Letting Your Home Down

Lighting a home properly is not as simple as it seems. People actually study for years in order to learn the dos and don’ts of interior lighting. So thinking you can just pick up a few lights at the big box store, slap them up and everything will turn out hunky dory simply isn’t realistic. [...]

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15 Must-Have Bar Accessories if You Want to Be Known for Having a Great Home Bar

There’s nothing like having a wet bar in the home. But no matter where you site it and whether your focus is fun or sophistication you’ll need accessories to really bring it to life and below we’ve got 15 of them for you. From Wine Racks to Copper Mugs: 15 Home Bar Essentials If you’ve gone to [...]

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Halloween Mules That are Scary Good

The venerable Moscow Mule is one of the most versatile cocktails ever invented and has spawned countless variations in every part of the globe. Not only is it adaptable to various regional tastes it can also be tweaked to fit right in with the whole litany of holidays from Christmas to the Fourth of July [...]

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The Havana Mule: Recipe and Ingredients

By now everyone knows that the US and Cuba have had their differences over the years, including a little something called the Cuban Missile Crisis during which the world was nearly engulfed in thermonuclear war. But in recent years as the old guard in Cuba and the US have passed on travel restrictions have been [...]

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How your Meerschaum Pipe Came to Be

Meerschaum smoking pipes are something few people ever give even a passing thought to yet they’re something virtually everyone is familiar with. Most notably by way of the unmistakable profile of Sherlock Holmes with his trademark calabash pipe and its meerschaum insert. Yes, meerschaum pipes are part of the cultural landscape but if you’ve just [...]

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Livin’s Easy with the Strawberry Mule: Recipe + Ingredients

Summertime Livin’s easy Fish are jumping And the cotton is high George Gershwin - “Summertime” August - named after the Roman emperor Augustus - is the one month in the calendar year when time itself seemingly grinds to a halt. Everybody’s kicking back on a beach or in a national park somewhere or else lounging out by their swimming pools. [...]

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Copper and Fall: Made for Each Other

As the lazy days of July turn the corner into August our attention slowly shifts to planning for the big Labor Day holiday. It’s a time for barbeques on the deck, beach parties that never seem to end and some bittersweet goodbyes as young people prepare to head back to school. As the unofficial end [...]

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