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Britannia Rules with the London Mule

Old Blighty has taken a few hits recently what with Brexit and all. But there’s no doubt on this side of the Atlantic that the naysayers are simply underestimating our friends across the channel and that they’ll emerge from the current situation stronger and more vital than ever. In an effort to show our support [...]

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Creating Your Own Signature Cocktail: Here's a Few Tips on How to Do It

Who hasn’t wanted to walk up to the bar and say “Martini. Shaken, not stirred”? The notion of having a signature cocktail that’s identified only with you is a powerful one and one that writers have used for decades to create memorable characters. Signature cocktails can take the form of a unique recipe or a [...]

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7 Creative DIY Lighting Projects to Try Your Hand At

From track lighting to strip lighting to mosaic lamps, solar lights and more we live in a golden age of lighting. Hyper efficient LED lights infiltrate every aspect of our daily lives expanding the notions of what is possible as do CFL, halogen and other technologies. With so many options and so many different technologies [...]

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A Guide to Stocking Your Home Bar

If you have the space and you entertain there’s no excuse for not having a home bar. Even if you’re a teetotaler yourself you likely still have family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues who enjoy an adult beverage after dinner or during a summertime soiree. A home bar really amps up the collegial atmosphere during [...]

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Celebrate Liberty with the Bastille Mule

While we in the USA celebrate our liberation from tyranny on the 4th of July we’re not the only ones who mark important days on the march to liberté, égalité and fraternité. The good citizens of France were hard on our heels at the end of the 18th century with perhaps the most important day [...]

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5 Cool Lighting Ideas for Your Home

What is a home without light? Once the sun goes down your interior takes on whatever personality you have programmed into it with your lighting choices. It can be compelling, utilitarian, drab, boring or even unhealthy if there’s not enough of the right kind of light. We like to think that no one notices our [...]

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Paykoc's Guide to Basic Cocktail Techniques

Mixing a cocktail seems like a pretty simple process: just select your liquor, select your ingredients and dump them all together in a glass. While there are a few cocktails that don’t call for much more than that they are in the distinct minority. Most cocktails require a comprehensive knowledge liquors/liqueurs, an understanding how they [...]

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Some of the Most Charming Traditional Decor Items from Around the World

One of the joys of traveling is browsing through local markets in far flung cities. From Turkish mosaic lamps to Moroccan rugs you never know what you’ll find. But if you keep your eyes open you’re bound to come up with decorative items that will help turn the decor in your own home into some [...]

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Guide to the Right Light: Select Smart When Buying Your Replacement Bulbs

In the days of yore when lightbulbs would burn out on Turkish mosaic lamps, you’d remove the spent bulb, note the wattage, go to the hardware store and pick up a copy. Making things even easier was the fact that virtually every bulb on planet earth was an incandescent, including the mini spotlights in your [...]

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6 Ways You Might Not Have Known Lighting Can Affect Your Emotion

Most people don’t think about light. They just sort of take it for granted. The sun comes up every day just like it always has and after it goes down if we need some light we just flip a switch and voila! Instant light. But light is not just a bunch of photons who’ve arrived [...]

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