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The Havana Mule: Recipe and Ingredients

By now everyone knows that the US and Cuba have had their differences over the years, including a little something called the Cuban Missile Crisis during which the world was nearly engulfed in thermonuclear war. But in recent years as the old guard in Cuba and the US have passed on travel restrictions have been [...]

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How Your Meerschaum Pipe Was Created and What Makes It Better Than Other Pipes

Meerschaum smoking pipes are something few people ever give even a passing thought to yet they’re something virtually everyone is familiar with. Most notably by way of the unmistakable profile of Sherlock Holmes with his trademark calabash pipe and its meerschaum insert. Yes, meerschaum pipes are part of the cultural landscape but if you’ve just [...]

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Livin’s Easy with the Strawberry Mule: Recipe + Ingredients

Summertime Livin’s easy Fish are jumping And the cotton is high George Gershwin - “Summertime” August - named after the Roman emperor Augustus - is the one month in the calendar year when time itself seemingly grinds to a halt. Everybody’s kicking back on a beach or in a national park somewhere or else lounging out by their swimming pools. [...]

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Copper and Fall: Made for Each Other

As the lazy days of July turn the corner into August our attention slowly shifts to planning for the big Labor Day holiday. It’s a time for barbeques on the deck, beach parties that never seem to end and some bittersweet goodbyes as young people prepare to head back to school. As the unofficial end [...]

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A Mule Even the Don Would Love: Sicilian Mule Recipe + Ingredients

In 1972 a film was released that elevated American cinema to new heights, forever changed the way we looked at mob movies and added innumerable catchphrases to the popular lexicon. In honor of the 45th anniversary of the release of “The Godfather” this month’s Moscow Mule variation goes back to where it all began for [...]

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You Have the Copper, Now Have the Party

Over the years you’ve been slowly adding copper elements to the kitchen. First there was the sink and the backsplash. A few years later you picked up a couple of copper pendant lights for over the island and that made you think it was time to invest in some copper cookware. Then there was the [...]

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Selecting the Right Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp

Turkish mosaic lamps are renowned for their exquisite beauty, their peerless craftsmanship and their rich cultural heritage. They’re direct descendants of the Turkish crafts tradition and one of its most visible components today. Authentic mosaic lamps are still made by hand in the workshops of Asia Minor and we’re proud that Paykoc is one of [...]

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The Brazilian Mule: Recipe + Ingredients

The Moscow Mule muddled on in obscurity for many years. Popular, sure. But hardly what anyone would call a phenomenon. The Moscow Mule was born of necessity in the lounge of the Cock n’ Bull Tavern in Los Angeles during the early days of World War II and for years it was more of a [...]

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The 7 Year Mug

In the pantheon of anniversaries there is everything from the Paper (1 year) to the Crystal (15 years) to the Pearl (30 years) and the Diamond Anniversary (60 years). Nestled in between 1 and 15 is the 7 year anniversary, which in some places is known as the Wool Anniversary. Now we have nothing against [...]

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What to Look for to Spot a Quality Mosaic Lamps Because They are Not Just Another Pretty Lighting Fixture

Turkish mosaic lamps can trace their origins back to the days before Byzantine Rome ruled the Mediterranean. In fact, the mosaic tradition in Asia Minor - as this part of the world has long been called - is one that has informed the culture and added a sense of vitality to the region since the [...]

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Moscow Mule Recipes

Ice Cold Moscow Mule

Head over to our Moscow Mule Recipe Page, and bookmark it, for an ever-growing list of delicious in-house variations from the fine folks here at Paykoc.

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