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The Holiday Mule: Learn the Perfect Recipe

The holidays are the most special time of the year when everyone’s attention shifts from the concerns of the larger world toward those things near and dear that sustain us. The holidays are also a time when creativity comes to the fore: carolers sing in the lane, kids fashion snowflakes out of sheets of paper, [...]

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How to Choose the Right Mosaic Floor Lamp

At Paykoc Imports we feature a full line of beautiful Turkish mosaic lamps. These handmade light fixtures will elevate the look and feel of any room by adding a hint of old world charm and timelessness and introducing color that can be used as highlight or counterpoint to other elements of the decor. One question [...]

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Turkish Handicrafts: Gateway to History

Talk to an art historian and they’ll tell you that there is no separation between “art” and “history”; that the study of one is the study of the other. It’s hard to disagree if you take a closer look. From the classical Greek ideals embodied in the Nike of Samothrace to the cultural shifts reflected [...]

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​Pineapple + Moscow Mule = The Hawaiian Mule

The Moscow Mule has proven itself a venerable cocktail both for its enduring popularity and for the number of variations it has spawned over the years. Those variations would include the Summertime Mule, the Spicy Mule, the Skinny Mule and our personal favorite; Moscow Mule Jello Shots. We’ve seen the Mule go south of the border (The Mexican Mule), [...]

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Turkish Decor Items to Enhance the Beauty and Comfort of Your Home

In recent years as disposability has infiltrated every aspect of the culture there has developed a yearning for things with a more timeless quality: things that exist outside the narrow confines of the here and now, the fashionable or the merely ‘new’. These things are the touchstones of our lives, the things that provide the [...]

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Modern and Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Masters

We spend a lot of time on our blog talking about the beauty and importance of Turkish ceramics and handicrafts. What we haven’t done up to this point is spent much time talking about specific Turkish masters of the form; the people who came up through the tradition and managed to expand its vocabulary and [...]

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The Moscow Mule with Tequila: Perfecting the Mexican Mule Recipe

The resurgence of the venerable Moscow Mule has been pretty well documented over the past couple of years. Some attribute this renewed interest in a classic cocktail to better economic times and to be sure, there may be something to that theory. But others scan the cocktail horizon and see different forces at work. Perhaps [...]

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Nimet Porcelain: From Manufacturer to Tabletop

The Turkish ceramic tradition dates back to the days of 8th and 9th century Anatolia, continues on an unbroken path through the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and has gained renewed appreciation as an integral part of the cultural heritage of modern day Turkey. For centuries this traditional handicraft was the exclusive domain of men but [...]

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Mosaic Lamps: the Finishing Touch on any Decor

The mosaic lamp can trace its roots back through centuries of the Turkish handicraft tradition. Beautifully considered and meticulously hand-crafted these lamps have been gracing the drawing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and foyers of homes noble and humble since the days of Byzantium and are just as valuable a decor commodity today as they have [...]

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What Separates Turkish Handicrafts from Those of Other Countries?

In many countries, including the US, the handicraft tradition is fading into the sunset. The causes are many and complex but tend to revolve around the rise of consumer culture and the attendant embrace of the disposable at the expense of the durable. Another cause is the loss of the craftsmen themselves as fewer and [...]

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