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The Many Styles of Moscow Mule Mugs

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,5th Jan 2017
The Many Styles of Moscow Mule Mugs

The Moscow Mule is one of the great success stories of mixological history. Conceived by a couple of guys one afternoon 75 years ago in a bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles (you can’t make this stuff up!) the Mule went on to find widespread acceptance and fame and spawn an ever-growing number of variations including (but not limited to) the Mexican Mule, the Kentucky Mule, the Garden Mule, the Irish Mule, the Jamaican Mule, the Hawaiian Mule and our personal favorite, the Yule Mule. But, at the end of the day, what really sets the Mule apart from other drinks is not so much the drink itself as the vessel in which it is served: the copper mug.

Variations on a Theme: The Many Faces of our Copper Mugs

Today the Moscow Mule and its offspring are as closely associated with the copper mug as wine is with the wine glass. So much so that serving a Mule drink in a standard glass - even to someone familiar with the drink - would no doubt elicit the question “What’s this?” But, just as with wine glasses, the mug you choose to serve a Mule in is not limited to a single style. So in this post we’re going to take a quick look at some of the styles of copper mugs available from Paykoc.

Below are some of the most popular copper mug styles we sell at Paykoc any one of which will make a wonderful receptacle for a Moscow Mule:

  • The Copper Hammered Standard Tankard - The Standard Hammered Tankard hits all the right traditional notes and is a great conversation piece in its own right. The hammered finish catches and reflects the light in a way that speaks to the ages and the tapered form jogs loose associations with colonial times. It’s a truly timeless style that will have your guests exclaiming their delight and asking where you ever got such a thing.
  • Copper Standard Tankards - Equally traditional to its hammered cousin the copper Standard Tankard looks great on any bar. The rich rosy hues of the copper are a perfect complement to the greens of the lime garnish and to see a Moscow Mule in a Standard Tankard on a polished granite bar surface is to behold a thing of beauty.
  • Copper Barrel Moscow Mule Mug - The barrel shape of our copper Barrel Moscow Mule mugs is another one that harks back to the days of old and seems right at home playing host to any variant of the Moscow Mule. The robust profile of the barrel echoes the hearty nature of the concoction within and the two work off each other to create a perfect cocktail experience.
  • Solid Copper Moscow Mule Stein - You’ll think you’ve been transported back to Central Europe in the 18th century when your Moscow Mule comes served in one of our solid copper Moscow Mule steins. These handcrafted delights will pique your imagination at the same time you appreciate their beautiful balance and easy usability. Keep your Mule icy cold for extended periods of time with a Moscow Mule stein from Paykoc.
  • Sugar Skull Third Eye Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug - The Day of the Dead festival is known around the world for its evocative imagery, passion, historical depth and resonance. There’s no other symbol so closely associated with this Central American celebration of the spirit than the sugar skull. At Paykoc we are proud to offer only the highest quality engraved Sugar Skull mugs to our customers. Can you imagine enjoying your Mexican Mule in one of our Copper Sugar Skull Third Eye Moscow Mule Mugs? Perfection!
  • Custom Engraved Copper Mugs - Our copper mugs make the ideal marketing tool or memento of a special occasion. Need something for the big product launch that will make an impression? Pick up a few dozen Mule mugs custom engraved with your product details and give one to each of your important customers. Or, if you’re having a big anniversary or birthday party have some mugs made up just for the celebrants.
  • Copper Shot Glasses - While our copper shot glasses aren’t intended to hold Mule drinks like our copper mugs they are nonetheless worth a shout out simply because of their exceptionally satisfying look and feel and because, hey, who do you know who has copper shot glasses behind their bar? That’s what we thought. Pick up a half dozen today and break them out at your next barbeque.
  • The copper mug from Paykoc Imports is the perfect way to serve up the icy cool refreshment of a Mule or, for that matter, the icy cool refreshment of homemade lemonade, cider or fruit punch. Don’t spend another day wishing you had some Moscow Mule mugs for your next shindig, order some today from Paykoc. We have a design for every taste and occasion.

Want to really make your favorite style of mug special? Consider getting your mug customized with our many engraving options.