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Debunking Myths About the Copper Mug

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So you’re having guests over next weekend for a big summer barbeque and you’ve decided to serve Moscow Mules to make the whole thing truly memorable. Good idea! Now you’ll need some first class copper mugs to serve those chilly delights in but you don’t know where to get them, how much they cost or whether you should get lined mugs or unlined mugs. What makes things even more confusing is that a number of myths have emerged about copper drinking mugs that can make them seem like prohibitively expensive, high maintenance or even dangerous. In this post we’re going to debunk 5 of these myths for you.

Copper Mug Myths

5 Popular Myths About Copper Mugs


Don’t let the myth machine called the Internet turn you off to purchasing some amazing copper mugs for your next party. We’ve got tons of them in a range of styles to fit every taste. So have a look through our online store and remember: if it’s not in a copper mug it’s not a Mule.

You Have the Copper, Now Have the Party

Over the years you’ve been slowly adding copper elements to the kitchen. First there was the sink and the backsplash. A few years later you picked up a couple of copper pendant lights for over the island and that made you think it was time to invest in some copper cookware. Then there was the [...]

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6 Important Things to Know About Copper Mugs

Copper mugs from Paykoc Imports put the finishing touch on your Moscow Mule or any one of its ever-growing number of variants from the Mumbai Mule to the Yule Mule and everything in between. They’re an item that was rescued from history by the popularity of a single cocktail and today they grace the kitchens, [...]

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“What if we…” Happy Accidents, the Moscow Mule and More

The story of the Moscow Mule and its iconic copper mugs is one of the best known incidents of serendipity in popular culture. If you’re still unfamiliar with it though, the story goes like this: It was just another lazy wartime afternoon on Sunset Boulevard in LA. At the Cock’n Bull Pub owner Jack Morgan was [...]

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The Many Styles of Moscow Mule Mugs

The Moscow Mule is one of the great success stories of mixological history. Conceived by a couple of guys one afternoon 75 years ago in a bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles (you can’t make this stuff up!) the Mule went on to find widespread acceptance and fame and spawn an ever-growing number of [...]

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Here’s to Your Health: Copper Mugs and Their Unexpected Benefits

The Moscow Mule has become a favorite of bar-goers and BBQers from coast to coast because it’s easy to make, goes down nice and cool on a hot summer day and is served in the most amazing looking copper mugs. The mugs alone are worth the price of admission since they’re guaranteed to get some [...]

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7 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Copper Mugs

If you follow our blog, you already know that copper mugs are the only way to drink Moscow Mules—and any other cocktail you want to keep cool and refreshing, for that matter. It’s in just about every other blog that we post. While we could go on about copper’s thermal conductivity and vintage status, etc., [...]

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Hell for Copper Drinking Mugs: What NOT to Do Once You Buy

Copper drinking mugs are making a comeback in kitchens, dining room, and bars across North America. This classic drinkware is both functional and practical and just the right amount of vintage. It not only keeps beverages—like your favorite type of Mule—crisp and cold for longer, but it’s also a unique design that’s sure to make [...]

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Are Copper Mugs Safe: What’s the Truth?

If you have been following along with trending topics regarding the fabulous drink the Moscow mule then you would have heard about the recent report by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division stating that drinking anything with a pH below 6.0 from a copper vessel is unsafe. That would include anything with vinegar, fruit juice [...]

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Common Questions About Copper Mugs: The List

Copper mugs are the ideal way to drink not only your favorite Moscow Mule, but any drink that you want served chilled, fresh, and in style. But why are copper mugs so essential for your restaurant, bar, or home? What special qualities do they possess that make them indispensible drinkware? Many of our customers have [...]

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Moscow Mule Recipes

Ice Cold Moscow Mule

Head over to our Moscow Mule Recipe Page, and bookmark it, for an ever-growing list of delicious in-house variations from the fine folks here at Paykoc.

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