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6 Important Things to Know About Copper Mugs

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Copper mugs from Paykoc Imports put the finishing touch on your Moscow Mule or any one of its ever-growing number of variants from the Mumbai Mule to the Yule Mule and everything in between. They’re an item that was rescued from history by the popularity of a single cocktail and today they grace the kitchens, pantries and bar areas of innumerable homes from sea to shining sea. Perhaps you’ve thought about picking up some copper Moscow Mule mugs of your own but you’ve hesitated because you just don’t have enough information. Well, we hear you. So, in the spirit of helping our customers make informed decisions we’re going to use this post to highlight some of the important facts about copper Moscow Mule mugs.

Copper Mugs by Paykoc Imports

Why Copper Mugs Have Taken the Cocktail World by Storm

Solid copper Moscow Mule mugs are much more than your ordinary cocktail glass. They’re conversation starters, interior decoration and so much more. Here are 8 things about copper mugs you may not already know.

1) They’re an investment - If you look after a copper mug it will last for generations. There are examples of copper drinking tankards that have survived for centuries. And the oldest tankard ever found (complete with solid copper handle and straps) is more than 2,000 years old. It’s safe to say that the investment you make today will still have value when it comes time to pass your mugs down to your kids and grandkids.

2) They’re analog - Being pre-modern technology a copper mug does not play well with those modern kitchen appliances designed to make things more convenient for you: namely the microwave oven and the dishwasher. The copper mug comes from a different era entirely. An era when clocks were a luxury and people did things by hand. So, never put your copper mug in a microwave. Ever. And when it comes to cleaning make sure you do so by hand.

3) They’re easy to clean - Speaking of hand washing… There are actually any number of simple, quick and easy ways to clean your Moscow Mule mugs. Methods range from commercially available cleaners to tried and true DIY methods that have been passed down through the centuries. Be sure to take a look at our other posts dedicated to the subject. Like this one.

4) They’re safe - This is maybe the biggest concern people have when they’re contemplating buying a set of copper Moscow Mule mugs, and it’s understandable. However, concerns about the safety of these extraordinary drinking vessels is unfounded. Copper has been used for centuries for eating, cooking and drinking and in our time has come under intense scientific scrutiny. No hazards have ever been found. So drink up!

5) They’re versatile - We have a soft spot for the Moscow Mule and tend to promote copper mug use in tandem with our favorite cocktail. But the fact is that copper Moscow Mule mugs are incredibly versatile and can serve any number of purposes. They’re perfect for serving any type of chilled drink from Mules to lemonade to smoothies and shakes. They make amazing interior decor accent pieces and we’ve even heard of some folks who buy them just to use them as decorative planters.

6) They’re the only way to get the true Moscow Mule experience - Would you serve a martini in a beer mug? No? Well, how about serving up a Manhattan in a brandy snifter? We didn’t think so. And what about serving a 1787 Chateau Lafite in a styrofoam cup? Definitely not, right? So too you should never serve a Moscow Mule in anything other than its intended vessel: a solid copper mug from Paykoc. To serve it in anything else would be just plain wrong.

Copper mugs from Paykoc Imports are so much more than just mugs. They’re an indelible part of our cultural heritage that’s found new life in the digital age, when so many people are searching for objects with intangible qualities plastics and glass just can’t provide. They’ll enhance your interior decor, provide another heirloom to pass down to succeeding generations, be a constant reminder of the value of natural materials and quality craftsmanship and, oh yeah, they’re also great for serving Moscow Mules.


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