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Here’s to Your Health: Copper Mugs and Their Unexpected Benefits

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,30th Jun 2016
Here’s to Your Health: Copper Mugs and Their Unexpected Benefits

The Moscow Mule has become a favorite of bar-goers and BBQers from coast to coast because it’s easy to make, goes down nice and cool on a hot summer day and is served in the most amazing looking copper mugs. The mugs alone are worth the price of admission since they’re guaranteed to get some lively conversations started. Some folks will remark on the beauty of the mugs or speculate on how they wound up being associated with this most unusually-named drink. While others will wonder whether it’s actually safe to drink out of such a thing. Well, is it?

Have a Drink and Get Healthy

Drinking from copper cups is not only a one of a kind experience it also allows you to ingest trace amounts of copper. Why is that a good thing?

  • Because copper is an essential micronutrient.
  • Because it’s recommended you ingest 1.3mg of copper per day to maintain optimal health.
  • Because copper deficiency can lead to serious illness and even death.
  • And because approximately ¼ of all adults are thought to be copper-deficient.

Still Doubt the Importance of Copper? Keep Reading

Copper is an important supporting player in the complex web of interactions that enable normal body function. If your body gets low on copper vital functions will begin to suffer and may shut down. Here’s just a partial list of the ways in which copper is essential to the body.

  • It helps prevent fatigue - Copper is one of the most important minerals in the body and plays a key role in the maintenance of a proper metabolism which in turn has a profound effect on energy levels. Without adequate levels of copper oxygen levels in the blood can suffer which impacts your ability to exert yourself physically. Copper though does not occur naturally in the body. It must be introduced through dietary intake. For this reason the tiny amounts you’ll ingest when drinking from copper mugs can have beneficial effects.
  • It Stimulates the Brain - We’ve already mentioned that copper helps prevent physical fatigue but it also helps stave off mental fatigue as well. That’s because the micronutrient copper helps synapses in the brain fire more effectively and plays a key role in the maintenance of the nervous system in general. There’s a reason many vegetables and fruits are considered good for the brain; it’s because they’re rich in copper.
  • It boosts the immune system - Even a modest copper deficiency can have negative effects by causing fatigue of both body and mind and, perhaps more importantly, suppressing the immune system. Those with copper deficient systems are known to experience a reduced immune response, reduced white blood cell activity, reduced levels of thymic hormone production and a greater susceptibility to infections.
  • It’s fundamental to your body’s chemistry - The human body is the highest expression of chemistry in action. Every second of your life is the result of thousands of chemical reactions occurring in a sequence that has evolved over many millions of years and is not only remarkable for its intricacy but for its delicacy as well. Allow any chemical imbalance to occur, including a copper deficiency, and you risk throwing the entire mix into disarray.
  • Supports the Cardiovascular System - Insufficient levels of copper can contribute to cardiovascular disease and irregular heartbeats. However, simply drinking out of copper cups a few times isn’t going to correct something as serious as cardiovascular disease, which can have many contributing factors. Still, bringing your copper levels back to normal and keeping them there can be one small step in the fight.
  • Balances the Thyroid - Hyper and hypothyroidism are no joke. Hyperthyroidism can cause nervousness, elevated heart rate, irritability, trembling hands, insomnia and more. Hypothyroidism can result in coarse skin, swelling of the arms and legs, memory loss, hair loss, shortness of breath, heavy periods in women, muscular weakness and more. Both conditions can be aggravated by, and in some cases caused by, copper deficiencies.
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis - Copper is an important trace mineral that plays a key role in bone strength and rejuvenation. Through an enzyme call lysyl oxidase copper contributes to the strength of protein strands that bolster links between and around bone cells. Copper also plays a role in slowing resorption of bone mass which is key to maintaining skeletal strength and integrity as we age.

While copper mugs are not the answer to all the world’s health problems, enjoying a Moscow Mule or any other type of drink from one of these beautiful, enigmatic drinking vessels can actually have far reaching benefits in many aspects of your daily life. So next time someone offers you a drink from one of Paykoc Imports’ Moscow Mule mugs enjoy every minute of it knowing you’re doing the right thing for your body and mind.

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